Hi! My name is Savannah Knippa and I am a media content creator and soon-to-be Texas A&M graduate from central Texas! I studied Telecommunications with a minor in Film Studies, and I have been working in photography, videography, and social media management since high school. I love my job!

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I’m the concert friend. I’m the one who sends you updates when your favorite band announces a tour so you don’t miss it. The one who films the performance of your favorite song, so you can sit back and live in the moment. I’ve dragged my friends to more concerts than I can count, and many of my best memories come from seeing live music!

I am always looking for ways to combine all of these passions of mine: music, photography, writing…! I’m hoping that I can help fellow concert goers by sharing my experiences, tips, and media content through Local Concert Buddy! I hope you stick around!